Who I Am

Hi, Tony here.

I've been interested in photography for as long as I can remember. My parents bought me my first camera when I was seven years old as a Christmas present. Little did I realise then that the camera would be with me for so much of what has happened since.

tony-V2It's been an interesting journey. The camera has catalogued where I've been and what I have done together with those who have been with me. Nothing extraordinary, but a great record of grwong up and family life. All the time trying to get a bit better with the equipment and scenes to hand.

As an engineer by profession, and so with a scientific leaning, the way a camera works, and uses light to paint a picture, has always been an interest. If you take a bit of trouble to understanad the way physics works, and so understand the limitations imposed by the technology on the pictures you want to take, then the better you will become at taking that perfect picture.

Photography has been a background interest; one in which I was not able to invest a lot of time and effort. The result has been a relatively large number of photos, by normal snappers standards, to a decent - but not outstanding - standard. A good family and hobby record, but nothing spectacular.

Progress over the years has been slow. More recently I have taken up the search for knowledge rather more actively and am gaining so much more from the study.

As in many walks of life, finding out who the experts are, and especially those who can also communicate clearly, is very rewarding. The sheer volume of information available today, through books, magazines, and the Internet is truly overwhelming.

Trying to sort through it all to find the nuggets of great information and examples for you and me, rather than discovering only the simplistic retelling of obvious truths, or even worse passing on mis-information, is what I've set out to do here.

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