Keeping your images safe

I make no apologies for putting this information up on the front page of this website. None at all.

You've been out on a shoot and want to look after your hard won images. There's a right way and a lot of wrong ways to do this. So read on now...

First, and above all, do not trust your camera's memory card. They can hold huge numbers of images; but one little problem and they can all be gone in a flash.

So, how to make them safe?

First, set up your computer to do backups and second always download your photos and back them up as soon as possible.

Set up your computer for backups

If your computer is a desktop one then install a second disk drive that you use to store your precious images. This disk will see much less action than the computer's main disk drive and so will have greater reliability. And make sure it's a big one!

Next, whatever your computer get a plug in disk drive and a backup utility. For Windows computers Free File Sync is free, and easy to set up so your backups are run without fuss.

If your computer can be plugged into a network when you are back at base then install a NAS device for another level of backup. Routers generally have network sockets ready for items like this.

Now, establish a routine.

Saving your images

End of day - back to base.

  1. Remove card from camera (or plug camera into computer) and copy all images onto the computer.
  2. Double check the image count.
  3. Run your backup so they are now stored in three places (Computer, local backup and NAS device).
  4. When that's complete return the card to your camera and clear the card using your camera's 'Format' command.
  5. Put your camera's batteries on charge.

Relax, you are ready for another day.

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