Memory Cards for Photographers

Are you shooting in RAW format? I hope so. You should be to get the best out of your precious photos.

But shooting in RAW does generate large files. Not much of a problem these days as storage is relatively cheap. So how about those memory cards...

P1080339 finalHowever, one place where it can cause a problem is when your camera is writing the data to the memory card, because thenĀ  you have to wait until it has finished before you can takes your next shot. This is especially a problem if you take multiple shots either as a burst sequence or as an HDR series.

So you owe it to yorself to make that process as speedy as you can by using fast memory cards.

First look at your camera's manual and find out the maximium speed memory card it can handle.

Cards are rated for speed with a C number. Most average cards these days are rated at C4. Look on the card for a big letter C with a number inside.

You can get cards up to C10 and they cost little more than the standard cards. Unless your camera is restricted to C4 go get some faster memory cards and reduce that image writing delay.

After all, you're worth it.

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