Taking portraits of older people

Most people love snapping the kids, who never sit still long enought for a "proper" portrait. But there' so much action that it doesn;t matter - they are still endearing.

So we then try out our photography skills on the teenagers and younger adults in the family. We can be wonderfully rewarded with some great shots, espeacially if you have been following the portrait hints and tips on this blog.

But what about the older family members? When people have gatheredd 50, 60 or 70 years of life experience this can become more of a challenge. Their skin doen't retain its youthful tension and plumpness; bags and wrinkles arise and the photographer faces a challenge. The subject can also become very self concious and may take some careful reassurance.

We all want pictures of our parents and grandpappy to treasure when they are not around. But making such a picture flattering without straying too far from capturing their character is quite a challenge.

So here's a series of excellent tips to help you on your way.

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