Portrait examples

One of the bestt hings you can do to improve your portraits is practice. But it helps if you hacve some inspiration too. On this page you will find links to some expert portrait photographers, we hope you will enjoy them - and learn something valuable.

How to learn? Look at a protrait that you enjoy. Now look again carefully. Can you identify what it is about the photo that appeals?

Now look at the techniques used. Studio or on location? Can you tell?

Did teh photographer use natural light, flash, floodlights or maybe some of each?

Where is the light coming from?

How would you do it better? That's a tough question, but one that helps you to get to the heart of the shot.

Use your curiosity to 'reverse engineer' the image.

Thomas Blue photography

Striking and dark potraits from Malte Pietschmann

Amazing self portrait photography by Heather Hanrahan

Creative Portrait Photography by Nava Monde

Gritty portraits that make you think by Jack Davison

A selection of portraits from minsk, Belarus

A study of Nadar's portraits. Nadar was a Parisian photographer in the lastter half of the 1800s. His work was groundbreaking and still has many lessons for today's photograpner. Note the simple use of lighting and do take the time to view the video at the end of the post.

Into the mind of a master portrait photographer Arnold Newman. Iconinc potraits for you to study.


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