This website is all about providing the information and help you need when you are looking to improve your photography - as guided by experts in the field. We've hunted the Internet for the right pieces of advice and instruction so you can save hours and hours.

Millions of us carry a camera all day, every day. It's in your phone or smart phone. It's available 24/7 to snap that memory or picture to impress your friends.

It's often said that the best camera you can ever have is the one in your hand when you see that picture opportunity. And there's a bundle of truth in that. How much of the time, even if you had a great SLR, would you have it with you? So getting to know how to get the best from your cameraphone is a fantastic first step to better photography.

The cameraphone can't cope in all conditions. Even if yours is the latest and greatest, they have significant limitations. But understanding what they are allows you to work round them sometimes and reach for a beter photographic tool at others.

That's when you know it's time to upgrade. We'll talk about the sort of cameras you might choose and why one type is better than another.

There's still a lot that's down to personal choice and personal circumstances. But on our journey together we will explore what the Experts say so you can get the best bang for your buck.

Comments and feedback are welcome. In fact, that's what drives the selection of topics and the depths of detail we go into. We don't want to lose you in technospeak, but we do want to help you understand what's important at the right stage, so keep it coming.


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